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Architecture & Interiors

Archive Architecture (Previously Studio of Architectural Urbanism), has its inception in 2014. We are a team of 20 architects & engineers with solid capacity and skill sets matching the ardent requirements of our clientele.

We focus on residential, industrial, commercial & CSR projects. We are in first position on the Top Residential Architects list and work as architectural consultants for leading energy projects, eco-friendly consultants for residential projects in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and CSR consultants for several Ngo’s and trusts.

Dr Narasimhan residence Chennai

Dr. Narasimhan


Transform your vision into reality with our top-notch architectural design services!

A beautiful four-bedroom apartment in the heart of KNK road. The design concept revolves around Carefully juxtaposing traditional elements and Warm color tones. Rustic surfaces, natural Veneers, Copper elements, enriching CNC carvings, and ambient lighting describe the house. Space planning and furniture arrangements are done to maximise floor space.

Colour palette – Warm Neutrals and Brown
Status – Completed
Cost estimate – Rs 25,00,000/-
Location – Chennai



Discover innovative workspace solutions with the expertise of our best architectural firm!

 An office space with a workspace capacity of 80 seats engages users with austere artistic Environments. The design concept focuses on more open planning to extend the connection between employees and maximise the workspace. The boundary between hierarchies is blurred By simple, engaging artwork and corners. The elevation was staggered out for a nine grid Concept, each having a treatment – making the elevation stand out in the street.

Color palette – Earthy tones, Neutrals, Cool yellow, Terracotta
Status – Completed
Cost estimate – INR 1,50,00,000/-
Location – Chennai

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Mr. Kathiravan


Transform your living space with the vision and creativity of our architecture design firm!

 The interiors of the house started with a shabby chic style. The agenda was to have every element of it unique. Beginning with a Chesterfield Bisque Brown sofa, the play of geometry, Lights, Partitions, and CNC components all hold the design intact to maintain the audacity of the environment. Using fabric orchestrates every space to detail contrasted with panels and mirrors.

Colour palette – Travertine, Ochre, Royal pink, Bronze, Brown
Status – Completed
Cost estimate – INR 28,00,000/-
Location – Bangalore

Mr. Sekhar


A simple minimalist three-bedroom residence tucked in the city’s heart. Design concept calls for play and juxtaposition of simple geometry.

Colour palette – Neutral tones, Earthy, Teal blue, champagne
Status – completed
Cost estimate – INR 9,50,000/-
Location – Chennai

Sekhar residence

Mr. Ramesh


The design concept involved using subtle marble on vertical and horizontal surfaces topped with stunning geometrical verses. Each space has a unique treatment variant, with patterned fabric and wallpapers accentuating the space yet maintaining its simplicity.

Color palette – Natural stone hues, Azure, Bisque, Floral pink, Peach, Purple
Status – Completed
Cost estimate – INR 20,00,000/-
Location – Bangalore

Mr. Prashanth


The house was designed to have each of the master rooms be of similar size, interrogating the design of neutrals striking balance with colourful, tactile elements. Carpets, Wall cladding, Wall elements, Panelling, Seating and Dining elements have been carefully planned to complement the inner environment. With a beautiful play of light – windows take a form from an ordinary slit to skylights.

Colour palette – Natural stone hues, Cadet blue, Terracotta, Lime, browns
Status – Completed
Cost estimate – INR 90,00,000/-
Location – Cochin

h4 1



A vertical house in Kolathur is one of the tallest residential structures in the neighbourhood for a single residential home on a road of 25 feet. The house features a guest entry garden, with the main family room on the first floor. Three court spaces revolve around the upper core plan attached to bedrooms, providing an extension to the area while enhancing lighting and ventilation.

Colour palette – Natural stone hues, Neutrals, Pastel Pink, Olive Green and Brown
Status – Ongoing
Cost estimate – Not disclosed
Location – Chennai

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