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Civil contractors in chennai, are professionals or firms engaged in the construction, development, and maintenance of civil engineering projects. These projects typically involve the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure that is essential for public and private use. Our AA Studio’s Civil contractors in chennai play a crucial role in the execution of a wide range of projects, contributing to the development and enhancement of communities and the overall built environment.

Civil Contractors in Chennai
Project Planning:

Our AA Studio’s Civil Contractors in chennai, conduct a thorough assessment of the project, including site conditions, environmental factors, and client requirements. Evaluate the feasibility of the project and potential challenges.


Budgeting and Cost Estimation:

We develop a detailed budget for the project, considering costs for materials, labor, equipment, permits, and other related expenses. Provide the client with a comprehensive cost estimate.

Project Design:

Collaborate with architects and engineers in the planning and design phase. Our civil contractors in chennai ensure that the project plan aligns with the client’s goals and meets regulatory requirements. Also obtain necessary permits and approvals from local authorities.Ensure that the construction plans comply with building codes and regulations.

Site Preparation:

Our civil contractors in chennai, clear the construction site and prepare it for the building process. Implement erosion control measures if necessary. We develop a detailed construction schedule outlining the sequence of tasks and timelines. Procure materials, equipment, and skilled labor necessary for the project.


Structural Construction:

We build the superstructure of the project, whether it’s a building or other structures. Our Civil contractors in chennai , follow architectural and engineering plans with precision. Excavate and construct the foundation according to engineering specifications. Ensure proper compaction and foundation integrity.

Quality Control and Safety Implementation:

Our Civil contractors in chennai implement a quality control program to ensure that work meets specified standards. We conduct inspections and testing as needed. Establish and enforce safety protocols on the construction site. We provide safety training for workers and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Project Documentation and Client Communication:

Our Civil Contractors in chennai, maintain accurate records of all construction activities, including plans, permits, inspections, and correspondence. We always maintain open and regular communication with the client. Provide updates on project progress, address concerns, and manage expectations.

Project Completion:

Our civil contractors in chennai, ensure all construction work is completed to the satisfaction of the client and in compliance with regulations. We hand over the completed project, including all necessary documentation.

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Archivite Architecture (Previously Studio of Architectural Urbanism)), has its inception since 2014. We are a team of 20 architects & engineers with strong capacity and skill set matching ardent requirements of our clientele.

We focus on residential, industrial, commercial & CSR projects. We are associated as architectural consultants for leading energy projects, eco friendly consultants for residential projects in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and CSR consultants for several Ngo’s and trusts.

AA Studio is one of its kinds providing A to Z architectural and turnkey services under one roof. “We design to build your dreams” is the working motto of the venture and we wish to cater a wide spectrum of users.

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